The Importance of Business Cash Flow & Equipment Finance Explained by Dallin Hawkins From Integrity Financial Groups, LLC

Business Cash Flow

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The Importance of Business Cash Flow and Used Equipment Finance 

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Dallin Hawkins, Director of Sales & Operations

In the construction industry and transportation industry, like any other industry, cash flow is one of the most important aspects of success. The term cash flow refers to the difference of a company’s cash position from one financial period to the next. Obtaining commercial truck financeused truck financesemi-truck financeheavy equipment finance, and used equipment finance can improve the cash flow for any company in the construction and transportation industry.

What Positive Cash Flow Does for Businesses

Having more cash than you pay out gives you a positive cash flow, which is what everyone wants. The opposite end is where more cash is paid out than flows in, known as negative cash flow. No matter how much credit has been so ingrained in society, cash is still king, and it is one of the best indicators of your business’s success.

However, when your business requires expansion for growth, or when it’s just a start-up, using credit for the acquiring of assets is key. This will help you achieve a strong cash flow, which indicates the ability of your business to generate and use cash. Note that borrowing for used truck finance, commercial truck finance or heavy equipment finance in essence, uses your future cash to finance the debts you acquire presently. Therefore, you have to make arrangements to have positive cash flow in the future to pay for your monthly loan repayments. These obligations may restrict what you will be able to acquire in terms of investments in inventory or equipment in the future.

How Equipment Financing Affects Cash Flow

used truck finance, commercial truck financeheavy equipment finance, and used equipment finance usually involves a large outlay of capital whether you are acquiring new or used equipment. Consequently, flexible financing packages are needed for financing, especially for the smaller operators and start-ups.

Managing this debt gives your business room to grow by providing the funds needed to access better technology, and finance research and development. Making these critical investments also places your business in a position to operate strategically by making long-term plans that will strengthen its position.

The flexibility provided by positive cash flow gives your business the ability to make critical purchases immediately that can give it a competitive edge over its competitors. The cash flow will enable your business to look appealing to lenders thus giving you access to debt whenever you may wish to take up some. It also allows you the opportunity to give shareholders and directors dividends thereby strengthening this important relationship.

How Business Loans Affect Your Cash Flow

Most financial institutions provide loans for commercial truck finance, semi-truck finance, used truck finance, truck repair as well as offering quarterly payments as a repayment option. This is an option that can greatly increase cash flow for a business. If you have good credit, lenders may offer financing options that include minimal or even no down payment for equipment and truck finance. Even with bad credit, this should not deter you from accessing lending opportunities. For most lenders, this only means an increase in the down payment required during purchase.

Seek out commercial truck finance, heavy equipment finance or used truck finance programs from knowledgeable lenders who understand the economics of running heavy machinery and getting you the best deal for your business. Also have your financial advisor assist you to structure your loan in such a way that it will not adversely affect your cash flow.

Do you need quick financing approvals for truck finance? Integrity Financial Groups offers pre-approvals in under an hour with the final approval going through within a day. With this speedy service, you can have your commercial truck or equipment within a few days. To learn more about how we can increase your cash flow with our range of flexible finance and leasing options, call our team today at (801) 386-8222.

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